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To provide trusted resources to educate buyers and sellers, promote professionalism and specializing by positioning our clients for success in the real estate market. The Hazard Team will never stop improving, learning and growing and we strive to lead by example and strive to elevate those around you with your complete commitment to excellence. Working today to achieve the highest rates of client retention and customer satisfaction,in the real estate industry.

Making the difference by practicing the "Golden Rule" with respect to everyone at all times: our clients, other agents, other agents' clients and the general public. Always treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. Homes by Hazard demonstrates uncompromising integrity in all things at all times.

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We are a progressive team dedicated to delivering innovative services, support and resources in order to assist our clients in becoming informed, respected investors who exhibit the highest ideals of character and conduct, and are the advocates of our industry to provide comprehensive real estate services to the public and communities. Our goal is to be your trusted adviser.

Homes by Hazard supports our community through political advocacy of real property rights and by supporting charitable programs to enhance home-ownership opportunities.

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Our values define who we are and what matters in our organization. We commit to the following values:

Customers - We are driven by the needs of our customers and are dedicated to delivering top quality service to every one, every time. Our staff will always greet members, introduce themselves and attempt to know our clients on a first-name basis.

Integrity - We promote civility, honesty and fairness in all of our actions, without compromise.

Innovation - We are an innovative leader in our industry and continually look for better ways to serve.

Precision - We strive for excellence, accuracy and timeliness in everything we do.

Community - We are committed to making our community a better place to live, work and grow.

Image - We are committed to enhancing the image of our members in the community.

The Hazard Team/Hazard LLC
Keller Williams Grand Rapids North
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Grand Rapids, MI 49525

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Amy Carroll

Thank you again for all of your help and support through this process Marilyn. You were a dream to work with and I will be recommending you to any and all friends and family that ever need an agent to help buy or list a home. You are fabulous! As a courtesy to my still-husband Jason, if you could not post the picture of the cute cake and me and Jeff and Facebook, it would be appreciated…just in case someone would see it and pass it along to him. It has been a hard thing for both of us to come to terms with and I’d rather not have him see a picture with me and someone else. I’m sure you can understand. Anyway, I’m so excited to be in my new home and you will have to stop in sometime when I have it painted and decorated. Mojito on the porch! Thanks again, Amy Carroll — Amy Carroll Photography, LLC Website : : The Blog Fabulous : : !

Steve Hawkins

I am sorry that I missed the closing last Friday but wanted to thank both of you for the superb job, once again, in helping us move another bank property. The results were beyond my expectations and certainly couldn’t have been much quicker. From what Joel shared with me it was the staging that made the property standout to Mrs. Dixon.
While all of the details involving the Chemical merger are still being formulated, it appears very likely that following the merger my role with residential property will be limited to commercial related relationships and perhaps upper end properties that fall under the commercial workout or “special assets” area under Chemical’s structure. We still may have some opportunity to work together on these limited circumstances. I will of course highly recommend both of you to those individuals responsible for REO residential properties in the area, if in fact that responsibility ultimately moves elsewhere.

Steve Hawkins

VP, Special Assets & Collections Manager
 Byron Bank

2445 84th Street SW

Byron Center, MI 49315

(616) 588-7409 phone

(616) 889-6429 cell

(616) 588-0137 fax


Wow!!! You’re awesome…. We don’t have a Tom at the Holland office but we do have Thom Houseman in the Hamilton office. It’s priced right so it’s just a matter of time. We’ve been getting calls and showings; the house is getting winterized soon, newly painted basement, what more could you ask?
I’ve attached the data sheet for 15756 Margaret Ave in Spring Lake for your review. I went to high school with my clients and they’ve been doing work to the house lately. They need to move on and I’m sure would love to sell. I think it’s priced well with what you get. The house will need a roof probably but will show great if you want. They live there so I’ll have to make arrangements for you. Let me know.
I really appreciate you getting the bank to take care of me so soon! Are you an angel? Have a great day and be safe driving!


You’re a treasure!
Thank you for trying! We know that the market/economy is terrible…just hoping that someone would fall in love with the place! Thank you for your continued efforts!
You rock! ☺


Ed Woloszyn


Thank you very much. This is all very good. You’re awesome! Ed

Ed Woloszyn
National Sales Manager
WMSN-TV, Madison, WI
608 662 5029

Elaine Cramer

Hurray!!!This may finally come to a close for you. Your hardwork may actually get to payoff!! Thank you for keeping on fighting for this. I was telling someone the other day that when the market turns around and is normal again, which I think it will be, that you as a realtor, will really take off because you have really learned how to sell houses. It’s like the loan officers during the refi boom – all they had to do is show up for work and take apps and when the refi’s went away so did most of those loan officers because they didn’t know how to do mortgages. Be very proud of yourself! Thanks for the feedback. I have not found a job as yet but hopefully will very soon. Can’t go on like this forever.

Elaine Cramer, Wholesale Manager
Heartwell Mortgage Corporation
1580 E. Beltline SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506 1-800-968-9722
!Hi Marilyn,

Jamie Starner

!Hi Marilyn,

Thanks for the feedback you gave on the property at 1426 Bemis SE. I appreciate the courtesy and will gladly return the favor.
If you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jamie Starner

Starner Realty

310 E. Fulton

Grand Rapids, MI 49503


We s-o-o appreciated you chauffeuring us around the last two days so we could get familiar with the Grand Rapids area. It really helped us decide our location.
Ron has all his little arrows on his map! Ha-Ha!
When our house does sell we can look at the same area for Condo’s that are for sale with you.
You made it enjoyable and fun during this transition in our life. We think that you were the right person at the right time for us. Hey does that sound like a Real Estate Ad or what? Ha-Ha!
Do let us know if any Condo pops up in the Rockford area. We are still curious about that.
We will stay in touch!



You two have been wonderful. I certainly dragged you guys all over town trying to find a house. I think I have a bit of STICKER SHOCK at the moment. I will bring in the check for $2000 tomorrow.


Hi Marilyn,
Well it’s been a week that the movers came to Dearborn to pack us up to move to Ada. Who would have thought that when we first met that we would be in Ada. We really like it here and our daughter does too.
She has asked us to watch Sydney for her this week-end and next week. We just adore that little one!
I have to say that the Closing was professional and personalized a great combo! The Condo was clean and sparkling when we moved in. Tracy stopped by today to give us some mail that came while they were here. He said that they are closing on Thursday that was great news.
Well the welcome mat is rolled out and we hope that you will stop by to see us.
We want to thank you for all your help and calm in the whole process. Even though I know that you were stressed at times. You did a great job and so did John with our mortgage.
I have done really good navigating around in our area and haven’t had to send out the SOS so far to Ron.
Talk to you soon!

Sincerely, Brenda